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Thirty Four
25th May 2016, 7:55 AM

Update info!

Hey, thought I should give you guys an update as to what will be happening over the next few weeks! Here's the rundown: - I'm working on the last panels and end animation for chapter one. I've been doing this all on my own time, but I'm considering running a kickstarter so I can afford to comission music and maybe get someone to help me with flatting the animation frames. Would anyone be interested in backing that, or no? Alternatively, I can do this myself, but that might take way longer on account of the sheer amount of work. So, we'll see what happens. - TS+TW is one of three personal projects I'm working on right now, so dividing up plot ideas to keep everything interesting is a bit of a challenge! But! This comic is definitely a priority, so I have a lot planned. I feel like I got off to a slow start here, but that should change soon. Stay cool!

Posted by: Meld

25th Apr 2016, 7:10 PM

Update delayed by 2-3 days, sorry!

Hey guys I'm really sorry about this, but my life is really hectic right now. I mean broken internet, shitty weather, house full of french exchange students hectic. Happy goddamn birthday to me. Anyway, daily updates will be back as soon as I'm home for longer than an average three hours a day, so please stay tuned! Meanwhile, I'll be over here trying not to punch anyone. See you all soon!

Posted by: Meld